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中华文化专词双译|诸子学Zhuzixue (Study of A Hundred Schools of Thought)

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Zhuzixue (Study of A Hundred Schools of Thought)



This term refers both to the theories of the diverse groups of scholars from the late Spring and Autumn Period to the early Western Han Dynasty, as well as the study of these theories. During those years, scholars engaged in free and in-depth reflection on the collapse of the social order and societal values and came up with diverse theoretical propositions. All of these theories are known as the study of A Hundred Schools of Thought. The study of A Hundred School of Thought had far-reaching influence on later generations, who researched and elucidated theories of the schools and developed them further. This further development of A Hundred Schools of Thought is also covered by the study of A Hundred School of Thought.

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◎ 达观之士,既知经学,兼有诸子之学,取其所长,舍其偏滞,则于理道无不该矣。(杜佑《通典·选举五·杂论议中》)


Erudite scholars are well-versed in not only the study of classics but the study of A Hundred Schools of Thought as well. They are able to draw upon their merits and discard their biased or rigid viewpoints. This is how they have mastered all the principles. (Du You: An Encyclopedic History of Institutions)

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