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中华文化专词双译|贤人Xianren (Person of Integrity)

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Xianren (Person of Integrity)



A person of integrity is one with the ideal character championed by the ancient Chinese. A person of integrity practices and observes all the ethical rules and standards in life, and his behavior is revered as the model for such a way of life. However, different schools of thought have different understanding as to what qualities a person of integrity should have. To Confucian scholars, a person of integrity practices moral virtues such as benevolence and righteousness and is considered competent for being an official. Mohists, however, believe a person of integrity should see that those under his governance practice universal love as their fundamental moral guidance. Still others, such as Daoist scholars, argue that exalting a person of integrity would lead to unnecessary controversy and would thus be detrimental to governance.

引例 Citations:

◎ 子曰:“见贤思齐焉,见不贤而内自省也。”(《论语·里仁》)


Confucius said, "When you see a person of integrity, you should emulate him; when you see an indecent person, you should reflect on your own shortcomings." (The Analects)

◎ 夫尚贤者,政之本也。(《墨子·尚贤上》)


Respecting a person of integrity is fundamental to governance. (Mozi)

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